Well, this really needs an explanation. As you might remember from my last post about the radishes, we did not get to harvest anything but their pods. I first thought it was because the radishes did not have enough room in the pot they were sowed or because we were too late, but then I [...]



Just look at those deep colours! Our first beet harvest, and a very important one, because when we take these big ones up, they will make room for the smaller ones to grow larger. I do not remember our beets growing as big last year, and once again I think I have to thank our [...]


There is something about the forest and its many sounds that work like magic for the baby. She falls asleep the moment I step outside, and it just seems like the gentle whisper as the wind rushes through the trees and the distant songs from the birds work as lullabies for her. The sling works [...]


They are finally here! Our first tomatoes of this year from the balcony. I do not know if you remember last year, where I wrote about how we grew tomatoes on the balcony. Well, from our experience with how much space they needed, we decided to find smaller ones to harvest seeds from and to [...]


On the go, when doing practical stuff at home or just whenever the little one needs her mum and body contact. My little girl is not too fond of strollers, because she likes to be close to us. She wants to be able to see, feel and hear us all the time, which the stroller [...]


Almost one month of hiatus with the craziness of motherhood and parenting a little baby girl. How can it be that a small human like that can take so much of your time? She is so tiny… Well, not really anymore… Anyhow, while I am in a bubble of maternity leave, our balcony is exploding [...]


I have been on the lookout for organic kale the entire winter, and it is finally here! A bit off season, but it is local and organic. I therefore quickly grabbed a bound and went home to make some kale crisps for myself. Organic, healthy and delicious. And you can eat as many as you [...]