I was born in the middle of nowhere – at a military base in the middle of a soft green Russian beech forest. My father was an officer and my mother worked at the base as an engineer. However after their divorce, my life was thrown upside down, when my mother boldly decided to fall for a fisherman from Denmark. Denmark is a small rural country with open areas, small forests and one of the tamest nature I have ever seen. Only the coasts are wild and out of control. Funnily, being a child of the forest, I fell immediately fell in love with the sea. I was six years old, when I learned how to swim, and believe me… It is quite late for a child at the island where my stepfather lived.


Growing up, I have always found a reason to be outside. It seemed like I have always searched for something, but I did not know what. I looked for it in the small areas of uninhabited pine trees, by the shore and the ever-popular salt marshes of the island. However, never have I been able to find whatever it was I was so desperately searching for. It resulted in me growing up not knowing myself and what I really wanted. I graduated from High School and went straight to the second largest city in Denmark to study Chinese. Yet, after having lived in China for a half year, I realised that the path I had chosen was the wrong one. I was so far off from the core of my being that I started searching through different studies (Digital Design and Rhetoric) in hope to find something that could connect me to the real world.


However, what I did not know was that my path was right in front of me all along. It showed itself when I moved from a small apartment to an equally small one just to get closer to the sea, it showed whenever I walked outside to gather wild food, and especially when I joined the board of the Association for Danish Nature Conservation. I took a leap forward from all of the university academia and jumped right into agricultural management. However, ”agricultural management” is a wrong translation of what I do. My speciality is nature and environment, and they call us technologists. Nature and environment technologists. We were a small group from Business Academy that are studying to discuss the effects humans have on nature and our fragile environment. We were taught to guide, advise, learn and create projects to improve the wildlife and nature in Denmark.


Currently, I work as a nature guide and an organic gardening consultant. I am still on a path to find myself and get closer to the green outdoors we have so little of in Denmark. I am just as good as you to protect the little wilderness there is, and I too need to get closer to my wild self. I am on a mission to tell about a simple lifestyle close to nature, which can be filled with everyday wonder and magic.

With love and blessings, Elena

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