Well, this really needs an explanation.

As you might remember from my last post about the radishes, we did not get to harvest anything but their pods. I first thought it was because the radishes did not have enough room in the pot they were sowed or because we were too late, but then I noticed a large plant growing among them, right in the middle of everything.

I just let it grow, curious to see how it will turn out.

So, when we finally decided to take up all the radishes, we also dug up the plant, and finally saw what had taken all the nutrients from them. There they were, small oval Jerusalem artichokes. A root vegetable I have not planted or sowed – so how did it get there?

5 jordskok1

Well, last winter we ate many when they were in season, and some (probably the bad ones) were thrown straight into the compost. Therefore, when I used it as a base in the pot before putting dirt on top of it, there must have been one root that had not decomposed completely and therefore started sprouting. Therefore, now we are eating not only radish pods, but also small Jerusalem artichokes… Homegrown without even planning it.

I love such wonderful surprises in the garden. Even a small urban garden at the balcony can surprise you ❤


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