Just look at those deep colours!

Our first beet harvest, and a very important one, because when we take these big ones up, they will make room for the smaller ones to grow larger. I do not remember our beets growing as big last year, and once again I think I have to thank our home-made compost for this. It has brought nutrients to the soil that I put in the pots when I sowed the beets.

4 beets2

Now they are growing beautifully. Sure, some did not make it, but their leaves are regularly used in salads instead. Nothing goes to waste.

4 beets1

I love how simple and easy it is to grow beets in the city, on a balcony… IN POTS! It just proves that you do not have to have lots of space and a large garden. Urban gardening can be done if you just plan right, harvest regularly, so there will be room for the smaller plants to grow bigger and make sure to be realistic and sow with the distance the seeds need.


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