3 raspberries2

I cannot be the only one who tends to make big plans about going outside to pick different berries for different delicious recipes to make at home, but once out there, I end up eating them all… It always happens when you put me in front of berries. I love to sit and munch them right underneath the bush from where they came. I therefore rarely bring home lots and lots of foraged ones, because I end up eating them all. My mum who is actually a very efficient picker, considers me a very bad companion for this.

3 raspberries3

Therefore, this post will not contain any recipes, because I did not make anything after my raspberry walk. I ate them all…

However, I did come home with stained fingers (and a stained sling).

3 raspberries1

I have to hashtag this as #firstworldproblems


4 thoughts on “RASPBERRY PICKING

  1. I always save the berries to home but I go to forrest with my son and my dog and they try to eat everything I pick. My dog even eats from the bushes, blueberries,lingonberries,cloudberries and even cranberries. Berry season is my favorite time of the summer!


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