There is something about the forest and its many sounds that work like magic for the baby. She falls asleep the moment I step outside, and it just seems like the gentle whisper as the wind rushes through the trees and the distant songs from the birds work as lullabies for her. The sling works wonders as well. However, I do feel that she gets calmer when I take a walk with her in the forest.

1 walk4

I love to hear her long inhale the moment I step outside. As if the fresh air is all she longed for that day.

When we walk around in the city, she tends to wake up easier and get fuzzy. Although, as we took a 3 hour walk in the forest, she just enjoyed the sounds and colours that surrounded us without a single cry or demand for change. I love the fact that my kid loves the outdoors. I think all kids do – they are programmed to. It is our primal instinct, and the most primal human beings are after all our children.

We can learn a great deal from them.

2 trees

Maybe we adults should slow down and take in the wonders of our surroundings like they do? Look at lights and colours with awe, listen to rain and birdsongs, feel the grass underneath our bare feet, touch the branches of bushes and trees, play in mud, wonder where the ants are marching… We tend to only be amazed by new things, and forget to enjoy the small events of our everyday life.

1 walk3


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