They are finally here! Our first tomatoes of this year from the balcony.

I do not know if you remember last year, where I wrote about how we grew tomatoes on the balcony. Well, from our experience with how much space they needed, we decided to find smaller ones to harvest seeds from and to grow in pots instead. Yet, with lots of nutrients, sun and water, they still managed to outgrow our expectations of having small bushy tomatoes and are now twirling their green branches across the wooden table and the floor as they produce lots and lots of bunches of small tomatoes.


They came earlier this year than last, because I bought sprouts instead of sprouting them myself.

The experience with bush tomatoes is generally good. The surprise of their large size was made up by the outcome of tomatoes. We are harvesting every second day a handful and use them in our food for dinner and lunch.

The smaller tomatoes the bush tomatoes produce are much like the well-known cherry tomatoes, yet they to taste more intensely. Maybe it is because of the nutrients from our homemade compost – maybe it is because of the sunlight… Anyway, they are very recommendable.


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