Almost one month of hiatus with the craziness of motherhood and parenting a little baby girl. How can it be that a small human like that can take so much of your time? She is so tiny… Well, not really anymore

Anyhow, while I am in a bubble of maternity leave, our balcony is exploding in flowers and greens. The sun has been harsh this year, and we have not hesitated with water and homemade fertilization from our compost in the corner. Therefore, the plants thankfully managed to survive. The tomatoes are about to get ripe, and the radishes are far beyond round and delicious.


We now eat their pods on salads and everything we can think of, because we did not get enough of the well-known rounded rose-red roots. It does not matter. Their pods are just as delicious. You just have to wait for them to flower, and once they have thrown the leaves, the pods will appear right afterwards. Remember to eat them while they are green and juicy, once they get spotted red, they get a bit dry.

Perfect way to use your radishes if you were too late to harvest them in time.


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