I cannot believe that I am finally able to write an update to you guys introducing you to my wonderful newborn daughter, Lærke. She arrived with lots of dramatic labour drama the 19’th of June, but everything was forgotten the moment I took her in my arms and put her against my chest. She was finally here! She was alive, and she was wonderful! 

She is a strong little girl who is already now developing ahead of what is expected of a newborn. With that I have to say that she has also inherited my stubbornness and my fiance’s mind of knowing exactly what she wants and demanding it without any hesitation. She can be a very determined little lady.

Today I put her in my ring sling, so that I can easily carry her outside. The moment she was placed in it, she fell asleep immediately. Big success! 

I hope everyone is doing well, and you will be hearing from me soon ❤


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