Whenever people talk biodiversity, I often hear them mention marshes, riverbends, forests and flowery herbal meadows. Rarely do I hear them including the dry moors of the land and the sandy grounds that also house very interesting species of both flora and fauna. It is as if people think of deserts when they think of sand, and never consider that kind of nature to be rich in diversity.

12 on sandy grounds2

I think we shall take a minute of silence and reconsider these drylands. There are some species that are so secluded to that particular kind of nature that they do not exist anywhere else. We have many species of especially plants and insects that are threatened with extinction because the drylands get too many nutrients from agriculture. Not that I shall talk badly about farming (heck, I come from a country that lives by it), but it is a fact.

12 on sandy grounds1

I think it is a good idea to raise awareness for the dry moors and sandy grounds just as much as we raise awareness for other types of natural areas that house biodiversity.


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