I have been on the lookout for organic kale the entire winter, and it is finally here! A bit off season, but it is local and organic. I therefore quickly grabbed a bound and went home to make some kale crisps for myself. Organic, healthy and delicious. And you can eat as many as you like without feeling bad about it. Is there anything better for a pregnant woman? I think not!

3 kale crisps1

The recipe is so simple that I almost feel stupid writing it down.

3 kale crisps2

  1. Wash kale and rip it in smaller pieces – take off the big stems (and eat them raw – YUM). I like the width of the crisps to be around three fingers.
  2. Mix the kale with olive oil and salt (BEWARE: it is very easy to over salt it!)
  3. Spread the kale pieces so that they lay separately (if there are piles, they will be harder to make crispy).
  4. Turn on the oven and bake for around 15 minutes at 150 degrees Celcius. For some it takes shorter time to bake, for others it takes longer. It really depends on the oven.
  5. OBS: They burn easily, so keep an eye on them.
  6. Take out when the kale pieces are dry and crisp.
  7. – You can always add sesame seeds and other spices to the crisps before baking them.

3 kale crisps3


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