Our balcony has exploded in flowers and green leaves as our vegetables and fruits are growing bigger by the minute. We still have some tomatoes, beets, radishes, salad and peppers (both chili and regular) we are waiting to pick. Yet we do have early “bloomers” among them already.

2 harvest2

Our chili from last year has already given us fruit. Although the strength has faded away, the fruit is still really good in dishes as a mild peppery addition. This plant is the only one that has survived from last year, and it is a tough one, because it has both fought sickness and been merciless cut down. However now, with lots of nutrients from our compost in the soil, it is giving us fruit one after another as the leaves (smaller than last year) are making it look bushier, and it is clear that its main focus is on the fruit.

2 harvest1

Our radishes have shot to the top without giving us many rounded roots. Yet enough to use some for salads and vegetable pies. They have had plenty of compost and space to grow big, but many of them just grew in height, so we are therefore currently waiting for the seed buds to appear, since they are just as tasty.

I cannot help to feel overly excited about this first harvest. It came much earlier than last year and there is something extremely satisfactory about cooking food from something you have grown yourself.


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