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I have been wondering whether or not I should write about this, but the fact is, I actually really want your opinion on this topic.

Last weekend we had an artist paint one of our parks to provoke a discussion about what humans do to nature. It was agreed upon doing so by the museum of art, natural history and the municipality in our city, because the park would not suffer more from it than it would from a regular renovation. She used acrylic paint that ran down the hill by the coast – although not reaching it. When doing so, her helpers walked around in masks to protect their health. It scared many people and the comments on facebook exploded in green, red and white colours.

Click here for a youtube video of the park.

This piece of art has provoked a huge discussion among the citizens of Aarhus. How dares she destroying nature like this? How dares she polluting the park? How can this be allowed?

I personally think it is an ugly piece of art, although I would never consider the park as “nature”, so calling it “destruction of nature” is rather false in my opinion. Nevertheless, I do respect those people whose only green area to visit is this park, and that it is practically their backyard that gets destroyed – their green sanctuary. And I therefore understand their anger.

I have to admit that at first, the piece provoked me a lot – but mostly because I find it horribly ugly. Yet it is just as bad as trimmed trees and bushes as well as pesticide-filled monocultures in our practice of agriculture. Now, what provokes me the most is the huge debate it has created… I wish that people would react the exact same way when a farmer uses pesticides near a river or an industry pollutes our drinking water. It is far bigger environmental catastrophes, and it is horrible to consider that people only react on something that is visible to the eye. No wonder why we placed the junkyards near the sea in the past – because the sea seemed to erase everything… Yet we did not consider how it got polluted on microscopic level. Now an artist is doing something visible to a popular park, and everyone has something to say about this.

I think her art did what she hoped for. It provoked. It made people question what she was doing to nature, and what they considered nature.

I think it is about time we start questioning it, because our race has never lived “in harmony” with nature. We have destroyed lands, exterminated species much greater than ourselves, and we have always used nature for our egoistic favour. Maybe in the past 400 years we have done it more intensively, because our technology developed and made it much easier for us. Nevertheless, we have been a merciless species the moment we rose up on our feet to walk.

But guys, I want your opinion on this… What do you say? Hit me with comments 🙂



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