It is something suddenly clicked for me. As if I had met my soulmate – well, if I had not already – I suddenly got butterflies in my stomach and my heart stared racing faster. Although it was not real romantic feelings that popped up inside of me of this warm spring day. It was a strange sudden love for the life that I am carrying.

9 falling in love 2

Not because I have not been happy about my pregnancy or cared for the little one in my belly, but as I reached week 36 I got overfloated by much stronger feelings that can only be compared to falling in love. Nothing is more important to me than my daughter. I smile every time I think of her, and I get a bit distant in my thoughts and gaze as I imagine how she will look. Maybe it is my body readying itself to become a mum, maybe it is the last dose of hormones before birth… But I feel slightly overwhelmed by this deep love.

9 falling in love 3

These feelings even make me walk slower and sense so much more around me. Maybe even make me more of a dreamer, if that is even possible. Everything seems more beautiful, calm and blissful than before. And there is nothing like taking a seat on the green forest floor, among the withering flowers and dream the day away.


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