8 spring forest1

And as if the spring suddenly sneezed, everything suddenly became green. From one warm day to another. But it is typical for this time of year. There is a reason why the month of May is considered the most lush month of the season; it makes everything bloom, everything sprout and the smallest plant and animal comes to life when the May sun finally shines down to the ground with a hint of warmth.

In the old beech forest, the trees are finally getting leaves, making the floor of the forest unable to receive as much light as before. Therefore, the small flowers are ending their days before the leaves grow larger and shadow for the sun. That also happens to ramsons that are now in bloom before withering away to a hibernation underground – waiting to come back next year as some of the first green sprouts in the forest. It is the same with anemones.

8 spring forest3

The deer are enjoying the shelter of the forest, and even though they mostly manage to flee before you are able to spot them – after all, they are good at hearing clumsy humans that are strolling about, you can still see signs from their rest among the leaves as small satellites of beds.

The young sour beech leaves are edible, and you should try them before it is too late ❤


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