I heard a very interesting comment the other day that I want your opinion on.

I was talking with a biologist about bees, and he said that honey bees are not more different than agriculture is to nature. They are like cattle compared to wild animals. We do not have any wild honey bees in Denmark, because they have been exterminated by the varroa mite. Yet, we have wild bees left that play a major part in pollination and biodiversity in general. However, the bred and kept honeybees that come from beekeepers are making living conditions difficult for the wild ones, because they are taking over the space. Due to pesticides, monoculture, fragmented nature areas and a huge population of honeybees, you rarely spot wild bees compared to how often you see the others.

It was such an interesting point of view that it made me think, because due to Dave Goulson’s book “A sting in the tale” it was not the first time I have heard that story. Although before reading the book and talking to the biologist, I have always viewed bees with equal liking. I have believed that they lived in harmony with one another – honey and wild bees alike. And even also the many flies that play a huge part in pollination as well.

But guys, I really want to hear your thoughts on this. What do you think about our honey bees compared to the wild bees?


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