1 Rice rolls

From the Wild Food Festival, I learned how to make the perfect rice rolls with wild herbs and seaweed. I know that it should not be rocket science, and it truly isn’t, but last time I made them, they became too large and too air-filled in between the raw veggies so that the ingredients fell out into the dip. Therefore, now I know the secret!

You have to fill them with just a few crunchy veggies and then some hummus- or pesto-like paste as well as noodles (the last is optional of course). While rolling them, you have to make sure to press out the air to make the rolls nice and tight. Once they are done, they are perfect for dipping (even after the first and second bite) – the filling will not be spread out everywhere.

In the workshop, which I attended during Wild Food Festival, we made two different pastes. One with seaweed and crème fraiche, and one with dandelions (and other herbs), olive oil and sunflower seeds. Both were extremely delicious – especially when mixed! Definitely recommendable.

I don’t think I will leave a recipe unlike other times, because the pastes get better if you experiment with different tastes, amount of salt and herbs. And of course, the rolls are funnier to make if you experiment with them as well. Good luck ❤


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