Wild food festival3

Last weekend we had a Wild Food Festival in my city, and it was quite the experience. I loved to see how popular it became, and it truly showed that the citizens were curious about foraging wild food and learn more about it. I have to admit that I have underestimated many city people. Just because they live in the concrete dessert (as I like to call it) it does not mean that they have distanced themselves from nature. They just need some guidance, and they welcome it with open arms and curiosity.

Wild food festival2

There were taste samples from different local producers with wild food picked just around the area. Sausages with weed, alcoholic beverages with wild herbs, seaweed, coffee, pesto, bread, pizza, food workshops, forage tours etc. Everything was so very delicious, and your taste buds got to work on overdrive of new experiences as you walked around from stand to stand and tasted different spring herbs. It is after all the perfect time for foraging. Everything is new and filled with vitamins and tastes.

Wild food festival

I took the liberty to make some herbal tea from a stand as I strolled around and tasted the new herbs that have been picked recently near my city. Even though the festival was placed directly in the central square, I still felt at home among wild food enthusiasts. Everyone was eager to share their knowledge and lure more people into the wonderful practice of foraging from nature. It really made me happy.


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