I am back, you guys. With an aching back and several projects to do during my maternity leave, because I suddenly have a lot of spare time on my hands, I also find time to get enchanted by another book about nature. This time it is “The Hidden Life of Trees” by Peter Wohlleben.

The way the man writes about trees makes you truly believe that trees are far more than just the mute plants we make them out to be. They have a social order, they can communicate, they protect and care for one another, and they are far more like us humans than we formerly thought. Although it may sound like some hippie mumbo jumbo, the man makes his arguments with hardcore facts about their biology and reminds us that one can communicate and care for one another at a different level than what we humans do.

Many people have heard about this book, and they talk about it with criticism before reading it, because they imagine Peter saying that trees have voices, and they therefore stand in a forest and have conversations with one another. However, this is not what he is trying to express. When he dives into the secret world of trees and their many biological impulses, he explains how nature manages to work with (and against) one another in order to keep thriving – this including different forms of communications in form of living in a symbiosis with different organisms and species.

This book is very recommendable if you give it a chance. I have to admit that I was also critical at first, but now I am completely hooked! You will learn so many things about trees and forests that you will understand biodiversity better than you already do and see nature in a different light.


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