When we talk about butterflies, we rarely include those that are active at night, however the whole butterfly category also embraces moths. We automatically think about the beautiful colourful winged insects we meet in spring and summer that flutter around sweet flowery meadows. However, most of the butterflies in the world are in fact active at night. There are about 150,000 butterfly species in the world whereas only 18,000 of them are the colourful ones we usually consider butterflies. In Denmark, we have only 19 common species, because mane have become endangered due to intensive farming and destruction of biodiversity.

The moths are of course in no need of colour, since they are active at night and have no need of scaring predators with sharp contrasts and extreme patters that we humans consider a work of art. And it truly is – most of the time we look at the day butterflies with wonder and awe, while as moths are forgotten. Yet, they too are slowly becoming endangered.


I think it is really sad to think about. Therefore, I decided to make my first Trollbead charm a butterfly. Of course, there were none of moths, so I took the pompous day butterfly. It is a small reminder of a category of insects that should be cared for – just like the wild bees that have the same sad story as the butterflies – in fact, so many insects do.


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