Mung beans (Vigna radiata) are extremely easy to sprout, if you make sure to keep them moist, hygienic and dark. The bean sprouts can be used for anything as long as they are fresh. Although beware that they have to be used quickly, and you should always rinse them before use, because bacteria can otherwise be growing on them from the time they were inside the cupboard sprouting.

So how do you sprout these green beauties?

Well, to 1 cup of beans, you will need 2 cups of water. Place them in a place with lots of light (windowsill for example) for a day. Afterwards you can spread them out on a clean and moist sheet on top of a plate and place them in a dark cupboard. Cover the beans with another moist sheet to make the sprouting as hygienic as possible and to give the beans the best wet condition. After a few days (a short week), if you had made sure to keep the sheet moist all the time, the beans would have sprouted and will be ready to be used.

Place them in a glass and keep them in the fridge for time being.

Easy, right?



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