The beautiful morning fog was spreading across the fields where the sheep were grazing, two of them were slightly rounder than their sisters – they were with lamb and would soon reach their due date. The willows were blooming, the rooks were building nests in the crowns of the oaks behind the buildings, and the gardens were sprouting. Everything was peaceful and quiet before Easter, since all schools were closed for the holiday, and kids were therefore at home with their families instead of visiting us.

My last day at work before maternity leave was absolutely relaxing, even though I had many small projects to finish before leaving the office. Half of my colleagues were already off for the holiday as well, so I was all alone at work.


Small drops from the mist were resting on a web from a spider as I ventured out to the gardens to make the final overview over the place – a place that will be filled with over 100 students in a couple of weeks. The sun was shining, and it was as if the entire workplace bid me farewell. Even though no lambs came while I had my last day, I was there in time to receive happy news that organic chickens could once again walk outside under the open sky, because the bird flu was no longer a threat. Finally! Our chickens have been locked up in cages and under roofs for protection. Now they can get out into the meadows, eat herbs and grass – and of course tease my colleagues by breaking into the gardens.

I know that as much as I try to deny it, I will miss being at work – especially on days like these.


2 thoughts on “LAST DAY AT WORK

  1. Hey Tom. Are you in the US? Yeah, it has been going around in Europe. Denmark had to stop all its import of chicken to China which was a huge economical loss, and all of the organic chickens had to go inside all day and were not even allowed to be fed grass because it could have been in contact with wild birds. Luckily it is over now 🙂


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