A neatly trimmed park with strategically placed flowers on the blooming grass fields, trees of different kinds each forming light green leaves and a few are already in blossom. The park is pretty – pretty like a Chanel purse. Perfect to every single detail and so expensive to keep. It has no flaws, no crooked corners or wild twines that interfere with the polished beauty.

I love wild nature where different herbs and weeds grow out of control, impenetrable thorny bushes covering the boarders of the forests and dead wood lying randomly everywhere to make habitats for different living organisms. This kind of nature is far more alive to me than a park is. A park seems more like a robot – a doll of sorts – compared to the beautiful flawed human being with asymmetric face, messy hair and imperfect skin.


However, as much as I love wild nature I cannot help to also appreciate the beauty of a park. It is like watching a tall slender photoshopped model in a magazine. So unrealistic but at the same time captivating. I do understand people’s the fascination of such places – heck, I am one of these people. Guilty as charged. A park does show itself in the most beautiful outfit during the spring, because gardeners have made sure to plant flowers that will peek up the moment the sun begins to warm the earth. Currently, the botanical garden near my place is blooming in different colours and it does give me a springy mood. So what can I do other than appreciate it? After all, it is the closest green area I have – sad as it may sound.


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