Alright, so I am beginning to make a plan of what our greenhouse balcony shall have this season. Tomatoes, of course – it is almost a necessity. And this year, I cannot wait to try out my homemade city compost. Believe it or not… It does not smell at all! I’ll make sure to tell you about it in another post. Then I have also made sure to sow some peppers – maybe I was a bit too late, but I am still positive that they will come up.

I have planned to try out some rucola, brussels sprouts and bush beans. As I have lots of experience with beans in the garden at work, but I have never tried to have them in pots. And if anyone has any advice on how to grow rucola or brussels sprouts in pots, then please share. I look forward to the challenge 🙂

And my small greenhouse is of course not completed if there aren’t any sprouts from radishes and beets ready to put into a salad. YUM!

I tried to sow some cress, but the seeds were too old, so they began rotting before they ever came up. The entire apartment ended up smelling of compost… Funnily not from the actual compost on the balcony – haha, but from the supposedly easiest seeds to sprout.


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