Well, it is quite obvious is it not? With all the beautiful colours that peek up from the ground in lush green, pink, white, purple and yellow… Now there is truly no way back, and even though a night of frost and temperatures below zero still threatens occasionally, it is just temporary and mostly just meant for the dark hours before the temperature rises again and acts as if the red line never turned blue on the thermostat.


I often forget to photograph myself as I continuously snap pictures of pretty flowers. I bet my friends on facebook are tired of seeing flowers in my album folders, but I do not care. You know what I am talking about, right guys? When you get excited about something you only want your camera to focus on that rather than on yourself together with it.


Speaking of flowers and sprouts, it is soon time for our balcony to turn green again with some home-grown veggies. We have already sown yellow and red peppers on the windowsill. Not too late though, because they do need some time to sprout. More about this in my next post. For now, let’s enjoy the small flowers outside.



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