I visited my mum the other day, and we took one of our regular walks in a forest that belongs to an old mansion that is quite well known in her town. It now serves as a museum, however the family owning it tends to keep the forest very neat and trimmed.


Each year there is a scheduled hunt in the forest, where they close off the roads for any walkers, so that they will not disturb the hunters. Their woodsmen also make sure to cut down smaller trees so that they do not stand too close to one another. The oldest beeches are preserved of course, and they now populate the entire forest.



Even though I am not a fan of such forestry, I cannot avoid the fact that this forest turns into a beautiful magical elfish land the moment the anemones bloom. It happens before the beeches spring. Because once that happens, their leaves will shadow the ground so that the white flowers will not get any sunlight. Therefore, already now, the small sprouts of anemones could be spotted if you pushed the old leaves aside on the forest floor. In a month, the forest will be covered in a white blanket.


Right now, everything is in a waiting position. As if the forest holds its breath. And it was wonderful to take a walk and feel all that energy building up before spring truly arrives.



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