Can you guys feel it? The amazing tickling sensation of spring that has finally come. March is here, and even though it is still cold and rainy where I am, nature does not seem to care and shows itself in the best early spring outfit it has. Seemingly fragile but truly extremely robust flowers peek up from the ground as the first sprouts colour the forest floor in a beautiful blanket.


Snowdrops with their white heads, which you can press in a book and mail to a beloved one around eater stand in groups under bushes and trees. Yellow winter aconites reflect the sun as they spread out their petals towards the blue sky. And the slender stems of crocuses rise their orange, purple and pink heads above the ground in a careful matter.


Even some trees and bushes are carrying thick buds – some already bursting in a lush green colour. The hazel spreads its seed from the long light yellow male catkins. Their pollen will be carried with the cold spring breeze towards the pink female flowers of other hazels and afterwards give us delicious nuts when autumn comes. Early flies and mosquitoes dance above the ground on warm sunny days as other insects as well as amphibians come to life from their winter hibernation. Birds are singing, the days are getting lighter and everything just seems more alive.

I love the infant signs of spring and each time I see something new, my heart truly skips a beat. Β 


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