Shining, colourful and gooey. These fungi sit on dead branches and trunks of old trees in the dim winter forest. Even though everything seems either grey or brown, they make sure to light up the atmosphere with their yellow/orange appearance as the glisten in the sun. The name is common jelly fungus (Tremella mesenterica), and they do absolutely no harm other than being a part of an awesome ecosystem and making their spore footsteps in the biodiversity of the forest.

I have read that some people eat these. They put them in soups to add consistent. Other than that, the mushroom should not have a specific flavor other than earthy. Most people consider it not edible. Maybe it is not only because of its lack of taste, but because it looks rather unappetizing. Especially when the weather has been dry, then the fungi will shrink into a brown hard figure that looks less delicious than before.

Edible or not, I like it. Especially since it is so decorative on dead wood.


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