It is with a light and happy heart I bid February a fond farewell. The month has also made sure to leave us with an explosion of snowstorm, heavy frost and icy grounds – just for a couple of days before milder winds from south took over. Now the snow has melted completely, and you no longer need winter boots to take a walk and worry about slipping and falling on your backbone – trust me, as a woman in the end of my second trimester, I am so scared of falling badly.


Everything is wet, which I do not really mind, because it is typical March. The weather will shift between rain and gentle frost in the night until one day (probably in a couple of weeks) the sun decides to peek out and colour everything in yellow. Bringing spring to our land. This is what I love about March. The battle between cold and warmth, darkness and light, winter and spring. Some of the early buds on the trees are about to burst, and I cannot wait to gather ramsons in the forest. It is soon time!


Every morning when I wake up I hear the great tit male calling for mates. There is nothing like spring to me than hearing the voices of birds rising in the forest. We will also soon be able to hear the beautiful trill of a skylark over the meadows.

Right now I just enjoy the warmth of the weather as I take my small strolls in the forest. There is a sense of excitement in the air – an excitement for spring.


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