With the last month of winter quickly passing, it left us a memorable weather with hard frost, cold white snow and icy roads. Remember when I wrote about how the temperature was dropping as I sat and posted in the blog? Well, it dropped and along with the frost came crystal snow that made crispy sounds under your footsteps.


It was very cold for a week and a half, but this week the snow will leave us again as the degrees rise above zero. I am so glad that I got to go outside and snap a few pictures before it leaves for good, because I honestly don’t think we will get any more snow this year. It saddens me to realise it, however it also means that spring is drawing nearer and that my maternity leave is not far ahead. I cannot wait! Because recently, the work has been stressful and filled with new projects I can barely find the time to do.


The weekend bid the snow a perfect farewell with a yellow sun shining down from a bright blue sky, making the ground sparkling milky white. Everyone was outside to enjoy the weather. It is as if they all wanted to say goodbye to the winter and enjoy its last few days. People were so joyful as they passed me by. Everyone was walking carefully and extremely unsteadily on the slippery ground, but that did not seem to bother them. They enjoyed having winter for one last time this year.


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