And I am finally back. With a few keys on my keybord not working and some pictures I still need to edit, I can post again after some stressful days. I hope you enjoyed my last post about the boy that was taken by the frost, and I hope that it won’t happen to me now that the temperature will drop once again below zero.

Therefore, I hurry up and make this post while there is still sunlight and a slippery wet muddy forest floor. Soon it will be hard and icy. We have had fog for almost three days in a row now, and we could barely see to the opposite side of the street that we live in. However, now that the fog has lifted, grey clouds float over our heads while the temperature slowly drops three to five degrees today.


Before we got bathed in fog, I managed to snap these wonderful springy photos of my fiancé, Jeppe. When I talk about how I feel when I go outside and the sun shines the way it did in these pictures, it is not hard to imagine what I am feeling. If it was not because of the heavy coats or the warm scarves, it would have looked like some pictures we could have taken in the end of march.

Nature seemed to be feeling like me as well. The birds were singing, early flowers were peeping out everywhere and even some trees had a few thick buds threatening to burst. Although we all need to calm our horses. Because in this writing hour, the temperature will probably reach zero, and when I wake up tomorrow, I will face slippery roads, ice covered windows and white frosty breaths.


It is still February, so of course – I cannot wait for the winter to come again.


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