Today was a very rainy day. Compared to yesterday that pretty much shimmered in sunlight, today was completely soaked in small raindrops that seemed to hover in the air the entire day. Sadly, I did not spend yesterday outside very much. We had so many projects to do at home that we used the sunlight to spot all the dirty and dusty spots and giving out apartment a make-over. However, today, as Jeppe went to training, I took a walk in the forest.


Despite it being winter, soon to be Imbolc to be exact, it still feels like spring is just around the corner. The boggy grounds smelled like a wet forest floor – a smell that is usually associated with either autumn or spring. It was strange to stand and watch the dark mysterious marsh, which mostly represented a badly drained, but very natural, forest, while thinking about brighter days and only being reminded of spring. When it gets warmer, the waters will be filled with life, and as we reach the summer, the insects will morph into their final form and fly above their watery homes as different bugs, flies and mosquitoes. Therefore, even though a marsh like this can seem very dead and dark, it is actually filled with life.



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