The sun was so beautiful today. It was warm, yet the ground was still frozen, and it was like spring met winter on neutral ground. I went out for a walk after work, and it was absolutely fantastic to see how things are slowly, very slowly, coming to life despite the frosty weather. There was something in the air that made my heart beat faster as if spring came and tickled my senses for a brief moment with a promise of interesting times ahead.


I cannot wait for this weekend. I have decided to take the Monday off due to working past my hours the last month. It is nice to have a prolonged weekend, where I can relax with my two loved ones, my fiancé and my baby girl, still kicking around in my belly. And with this beautiful weather lasting throughout the weekend before rainy days arrive, I have decided to make the best out of it.


Walking around in a forest as the sun sets somewhere far in the west, it is almost mesmerising to experience how the nature slows down for a little as everything quiets for the night. The birds that sang so cheerfully earlier today have all gone silent, and sometimes it was only the wind that blew through the naked crowns of the trees that could be heard. It’s silent whisper of twilight being ahead, and that I should probably turn back as darkness soon would fall.


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