The tree of life as some people call it. Humans have always had a bigger fascination for trees than other plants and living organisms aside from animals. Maybe it is because a tree is big, majestic and slightly intimidating? I have never heard a person talking so lively about a bush as so many people do about old trees. And with this, I do not want to kill their excitement, because old trees are indeed trees of life. Not only are they extremely beautiful to look at, but they are also ecosystems in themselves: giving wonderful living conditions to fungi, moss, insects and small animals as well as other plants.


Maybe a tree is less romantic once it has lost its leaves or is standing dead on a wet forest floor. Although as the being itself might be dead, I do not want to call it completely out of life. Because as a tree dies, it gives life to different microorganisms that boost the biodiversity in the whole area where the tree stands. Fungi will still find its way to the wood and so will insects and different kinds of moss. So, as we humans tend to love the living oxygen-making (and breathing) tree with a green crown, other beings love the dead wood just as much.

Maybe we should try to look outside out perfectly trimmed romantic point of view on nature and accept life in all of its forms? Even when it comes to death.


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