I cannot believe that I barely noticed it while teaching kids about wool (yes you read correctly, wool) and sheep today. It was a tough class to have, because they could not keep quiet, and their teachers seemed incapable of making them do it. The sun was shining, the birds were chippering and the sky was clear blue, while as all I focused on was giving the kids a great time outside (with their frozen hands) and showing them how you can work with wool.

Although, on my way home from work, I suddenly saw what had magically happened today. After days of hard frost, the temperature has risen above zero, and the sun started peeking out with a promise of spring. And I was not the only one seeing it. The birds had tried to tell me the entire day, but I had just been too busy to hear them. So therefore, I went down to the water to celebrate with a promise of riding the waves in a couple of months again.


After a long day at work, it was magical to finally inhale the salty air from the sea, and hear the calm sighs as the waves lazily flush ashore. A lonely seagull was swimming curiously around me, glancing at me as I walked down the beachside trying not to look too interested. Each time I tried to get a good picture of it, it turned its back to me. Silly bird!


Oh gosh, I know it is too early to feel this way, but boy how I miss spring. I cannot wait for the temperatures to rise, everything starting to sprout and the water finally beginning to sparkle as the sun shines down upon it. The sea is always grey during the winter, but the moment the spring sun appears from behind the clouds, it turns golden. It must be one of the wonders of nature (and illusion). Just in a few months… Then I will either be balancing on my paddle-board with a heavy pregnant belly or at least taking the first dip of the year.


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