I feel like my days are building up again with lots of work, chores that I cannot say no to, new projects I have to take care of before my maternity leave and requests from colleagues I simply have to agree to do, because I cannot afford to tell them off – after all, I need to prolong my employment since it runs out in summer 2018. Days like today, and I bet tomorrow as well, are tough. Especially because all I want to do is to take one project at a time and focus on that one for just one day without getting disturbed. However, there is always something I need to do.

Taking a walk in the forest where the leaves are barely hanging onto the trees, if they have not fallen off during the winter, clears my head. By each step I count the weeks to my leave and with a kicking baby in my tummy, I cannot wait to leave work for once and focus on myself and the wellbeing of my fiancé and child. I can feel how my priorities have changed, and I barely dare to say it out loud – only the trees and the grey January sky seem to be good listeners – oh, and of course my loved one.


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