Today has been the outmost wonderful day of my life. I cannot believe that so many things have happened these past six months, and I feel grateful for whatever luck that has come my way.

My boyfriend and I decided to go out for a walk near a wonderful forest which border reaches the shore of a calm Danish coast. It was biting cold, but we ventured down to the beach and walked alongside it to a small kiosk that sold hot chocolate. The salty wind, the beautiful dim lighting and the grey winter day made everything even cosier as we slowly sipped to our hot beverages on our way back from the kiosk.


I was so happy to finally take some time to have walk with Jeppe (my boyfriend), because it is always me who runs outside with a camera around my neck snapping pictures. He rarely comes with. However, today he did, and as we walked down a path that led us near the steep slope from the forest following the shore that was spotted in between trees, we decided to find a place where there was a great view over the sea just to stand and enjoy the moment.


Then we found this spot where the moss was green, the surrounding trees made space for some light to reach the ground, and the sea was just down on the beach from the hill we were standing on. I wrapped my arms around Jeppe and felt how fast his heart was beating. Back then, I had no idea what was coming but as we stood and talking about our long relationship and our many experiences and adventures together (the biggest one yet to come with the baby), he suddenly reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box. Then it was simple – just as we are together. On one knee, he asked me to marry him, and I said of course yes. Right there, in between forest and sea, we got engaged.


It was the most unique and beautiful ring I have seen. It will be the same one, I will get married with, and he will have one for himself as well. His brother made it for us by hand, and you can see the many small hits he has made and how neatly he has formed it. A family ring that was new. Nothing fancy, but the most precious thing I have ever had on my finger. And with that promise to each other, we can now tell the rest of the world, that we are engaged to be married.


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