Yet again, I come home smelling of smoke. I have spent half a day at work preparing food over fire and testing how long the recipes need to cook, so that I can make a perfect plan for an upcoming event. We will have several business people coming for an extraordinary office party in the winter cold with outdoors activities. There will therefore be team building in form of games, team work over food preparation over fire and pushing boundaries by killing a rooster for the soup and prepare wild duck for frying.


If you are interested, here is the menu for the day:

  • Kale salad with applies, nuts and dried wild berries
  • Beetroot salad with lemon and apple juice
  • Lamb wrapped in salt dough prepared on embers
  • Lamb chops boiled and then lightly grilled in thyme and garlic marinade
  • New (self-butchered) rooster soup with seasonal vegetables
  • Grilled wild ducks
  • Flatbread made on rocks

With a few modifications, the food was well done, and I really hope that the group will like it next week. My colleagues did, but they are not picky – after all, they are outdoors people themselves.


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