Oh, wow guys. Just as I wrote about how humid and warm our Christmas has been, the weather changes completely and freezes the ground for an entire day. Isn’t it amazing how swiftly Mother Nature can change the temperature to be below zero? I am absolutely in love with the beautiful light twilight sends on the frosty grass and the lightly defrosted branches and dried leaves that managed to get heated by the sun during the day. Winter is finally here.


The beautiful early northern twilight always takes my breath away. As it appears blue during summer and spring, it is almost grey with a hint of orange as the last ray of light disappears behind the trees of the forest. I cherish the hour before dark, where everything turns quiet – even the hustle from the city seems to slow down a little. It is as if everything takes a deep inhalation after a long day.


I cross my fingers for the frost to stay for a little while. I cannot accept the fact that it is winter if the temperature is above zero all the time.


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