New Year came filled with new energy. It was as if 2016 took away all the illness, headaches and constant chills. I woke up today ready to welcome the new year with open arms, expecting it to bring me wonderful new experiences, hard work and extreme life changes where in a half year my existence will suddenly not only concern myself, but also a little one that is growing happily in my stomach. And with the beginning of my 18’th week of pregnancy, I feel a slight confirmation of this in form of small bubbles behind my skin.


I celebrate this newfound energy and wonderful weather with a walk accompanied by my mother. We often make our walks extremely cosy, even during the winter where everything seems grey, depressing and wet. We bring cookies and hot tea to enjoy at the finish point of our long walks. This time it was to a hill that had the perfect view over the Northern Danish landscape – and if you ask me, the view is completely and utterly boring. You see roads, fields and farms everywhere – nowhere do you spot any wild nature. But despite of that, the herbal tea, the sweet cookies, the good company and the hot cup makes you feel warm deep inside.


We often sit in silence and drink our tea as we look at the view, but since so many trees have grown taller and are now shielding it, there is nothing to look at from the bench on top of the hill. Instead, we sat listening to several blackbirds that seemed to be arguing about something. 2017 started a bit harder for them, as it sounded from where we sat, and we could not help but to discuss what was the matter. Maybe it was our mere presence that bothered them so much? Maybe our simple human eyes could not spot predators that might be lurking nearby? We never got an answer for our questions, but that did not matter.

Well, I could not have asked for a better start of the New Year. What about you?


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