How horrible is it to lay sick in the middle of a holiday where you are supposed to take long walks, enjoy the winter landscape and just relax and have a good time, since in a few days you will be back at work again? This happened for me – just a couple of days ago. I started coughing, my head hurt and I have to blow my nose every 5 minutes.


Yet as I sit here, in front of the computer and type in a few words about my last walk, I do feel a little relaxation sneak in on me. Just by writing about the woods, the views and the beautiful winter outdoors inspires me to slow down and take one day at a time. I do have to admit that I long for long walks, fresh air and magnificent late Scandinavian sunrises, although every time I move a little, my head starts hurting.

So now I am trying a remedy my mother always uses when you have a snuffed nose. I cut a garlic in half and put a piece in each of my nostrils. Yes, I currently sit with garlic in my nose and look more like a hog than a human. However, it helps. As I blow out now and then from my running nose, the pressure in my head lowers and I actually feel better. After all, garlic is a bactericide, and it is not a joke when people use it as an additional cure to small illnesses.


You should try it, if you sit in the same situation as I. Happy New Year everyone!


3 thoughts on “NEW YEAR ILLNESS

    1. Me too! I have no idea what I would do without it. Haha, people have been nice so far. They have not told me or my boyfriend that we smell of garlic, but I have also heard that if you eat it a lot, you will end with not smelling from it. Have you experienced the same?

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