The days after Christmas we went out for a walk to burn off all the fat from the Christmas duck and pork, which is a tradition that we eat in Denmark. Heavy brown sauces, hot veggies and of course a dessert called Risalamande; Ris a la mande. You boil porridge rice and add almonds, whipped cream and vanilla – then you top it with hot cherry sauce. Yum, and so very heavy in your tummy. I had to regretfully admit to myself that the heavy weight was not because of my growing baby, but because of the Christmas dinner.


Then there is nothing better than taking a walk in the forest and slowly walk up a hill, feeling how your breath quickens as your steps feel tougher to take. But once you reach the top and feel the wet forest air changes into a fresh one from the sea, it was worth the small journey uphill. There is nothing like rising above the trees, where you can spot the grey sea in the horizon in between the branches, and you feel that a new year is approaching you with different adventures and beautiful memories. This year has been a tough one, and the next one will be even tougher as I enter the world of parenthood.

Well, as I sit on top of the hill in the forest and look at the sea far away, I cannot help but to feel blessed and happy – even for the tough times ahead. May these last few days of the year be filled with joy, relaxation and wonderful walks for all of you.


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