The week before Christmas and everything is a mess. When has it become all about presents and materialistic things? It irritates me so much that you put price on presents and that they all need to be the exact same price, while as in the true romantic Christmas view, it should be the thought that counts. I feel stressed and it stresses my mood swings that are completely out of control, not to mention, I feel a bit nausea in the morning again – it should however be over now in this pregnancy.

What helps me the most is to get outside – far away from the hustle in the city with people that seem to be far more stressed than me (after all, I have all my presents in order already). Does anyone of you seek comfort in nature during this stressful (and not so very joyful) week? I especially love to walk in the leafless forests and watch how the lonely berries that are still sitting on branches get lit up in the sun.



  1. It is snowy here, but I have been getting outside more with the kids this year than last year. We took a little walk in the woods the other day and it was amazing! Frozen, running streams. No bugs! Trees creaking and a snowball fight. So invigorating!


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