My my my, it was so cold today. I had to clear my car from heavy frost on the windows, and when I arrived to work, everything was covered in white. Small crystals of frost were everywhere, and there was a mysterious mist in the air. Although, as the day dawned, the temperature rose to above zero, which left the grounds wet from the melted frost crystals.

I took the liberty to go down to the lake in my break, and I absolutely love how many different ducks I managed to catch. They were the only ones that seemed to want to be taken pictures of, which was alright, because I do like ducks a lot.


A couple of wild ducks were sitting cuddled up in the sunlight. It was easy to see that they were cold as they puffed up their feathers, so that they would have air in between and thereby have a thicker layer for the cold to penetrate before reaching their bodies.


They got afraid, when I came closer and jumped into the water.


They had a whole family of wild ducks… Do you see the white one in between?


And then there was this one. In Denmark we call it troll duck, because of its weird looks, but I do believe that they are called trufted duck. I absolutely love its eyes and the funny head. It makes it look so unique from the rest, and I always point them out for the students. Most of the kids say that the duck has a ponytail.

How has your day been?


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