I do not know about you, but there is something I love, when I think about times where everything was wilder, more primitive and mysterious, because you did not have science to explain it all. I do not say that I follow the romantic dream of travelling back in time to live there, but I do like the idea of ancient gods and finding the magic in small things close to your heart. Things that also play a major part in your existence. This being nature itself, of course. Mother Earth. The life giving and death bringing living, breathing being that makes us so fragile.


We humans love to see ourselves as the strongest living organism on our planet, but we have not considered nature. No matter what we do, it will first and foremost be on the cost of ourselves and our own survival. Nature will thrive and survive. It does not need us to help it, nor does it really need us human beings to actually be there. We are just lucky to even be alive.


Our species is so young, and nature has killed off far older species that had a bigger claim to earth than us. Sometimes, we humans need to remind ourselves how fragile we are and how precious life is. We are dependent on nature. Nature is not dependent on us.


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