I have had two Mondays in a row, where I should drive around the border of the city to look at the equipment different closed nature bases have. The best part about this was that these bases are placed in a beautiful area that is filled with nature and calmness far away from the busy city. I tell you guys, there is nothing like making some hot tea at home, drive out to one of these and simply take a seat there, sipping to your hot tea right before beginning to work.


There was one that was placed near the shore, which should be used by students to find edible seaweed and interesting creatures for studying. I sat down right where I imagined the class would be standing and fishing in about a half year, where we will open up for the base again, and looked at the sunrise. My heart almost skipped a beat as the sun slowly slid up over the horizon and sent its shine across the sea onto my face.


Imagine having an entire day at this nature base, where you get to go outside in the field and actually do something practical to combine the theories you learned at school. This is why these bases should remain open, and this is why we are rethinking them, so that they would once again be attractive to teachers. And with a sunrise like that, I am very hopeful!


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