Brrr, have you ever tried to drive a car while being unable to feel your feet? It is horrible. This weekend has been very cold, and the temperature has dropped below zero several times. Although, despite the cold, the mornings were absolutely amazing. Right before sunset, everything seemed so peaceful, and I ventured out into the forest to snap some pictures of nature waking up from a good night of sleep.


It was wonderful to follow a path while being surrounded by dark trees that rose above me like strange shadows from another world. The leaves crunched under my winter boots, and the few people that had their route through the forest on the way to wherever they were going this morning made me glance back now and then as they rode by on their bicycles. My feet got quickly so cold that they started hurting, but that did not matter. I was in heaven!


The light was gorgeous. It was right before sunrise and the sky was blue. Not a single cloud passed by, although it still seemed dark, because the world was just waking up. The forest was in the same morning mood as everyone else. Small sounds of rustling leaves or animals on the forest floor told me of creatures that were slowly getting ready for the day – some might be preparing to go to sleep, if they were nocturnal. During the hour that is right in between darkness and light, you see extra life in the forest. It is as if itself came to life right there.


Such a peaceful beginning of the day deserves to be experienced by everyone. I hope that you all have magical mornings where you explore the wonderful outdoors during that magical hour.


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