My love for seagulls has been expressed in one of my earlier posts, so I will not write about it. Although just as I can dream away looking at a crow sitting on a branch, I love watching seagulls sail across the sky on their slim wings, always on the lookout for some food. Not only are they fascinating, but I also love how free they seem to me. In my opinion, these birds symbolize freedom and carelessness as they so elegantly rise up in the air with their not so elegant screams and arrogant yet slightly judgemental eyes.


There is something about those screams that calls me home. It is a sound of comfort and safety to me. It reminds me of where I grew up. I cannot help to smile when I hear seagulls call for each other. I don’t think I could live a place where I don’t see seagulls. It would be like living somewhere that does that have trees. Those birds are a part of my being and as some people feel connected to some animals. I have to admit that I feel connected to them.


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