Well, remember me saying that I had a reason for my long hiatus from this blog? The reason being I am pregnant. I am in my second trimester now, and the little one if jumping, kicking, boxing, dancing and spinning happily in my stomach without me being able to feel it yet.

People say that the second trimester will be the easiest one, but I have to call bullshit on that one. After entering my second trimester, my nausea suddenly decided to peak, and I throw up every day – fortunately, it gets better during the day.

My hair grows so quickly that even Rapunzel will get jealous, although as quickly as my hair grows so do my breasts. From being rather nice rounded ones, my breasts have become large and resemble more those of a troll woman. My skin is not happy about the hormonal changes either – it is acting as if I am rubbing crisps all over my body every single day. I break out so easily, and if I do not wash my skin in ice-cold water twice a day, it does not get better.

My mood swings strangely. I do not get easily mad, although I caught myself laughing wildly at me dropping my pizza the other day… Before breaking out in tears. Wtf is that?


I get headaches from sitting inside and my body demands me to be outside in the fresh air all the time. I feel the best if I have bicycled to work – and even take a longer route that I usually do, so that I get to ride 15+ km per day. Otherwise nausea might also sneak in on me during the day – especially when I am sitting in a hot room, because it is frosty cold outside.

Apparently my body (and baby) likes cold.


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