All in all, a wonderful day to be by the lake and sit for a while inhaling the fresh air. It is a bit difficult to be at work at the moment, because due to wintertime, we have less visitors, which means less outdoor activities for me. I am sitting in front of a computer most of the day, and it gives me a headache – especially when we light up the fireplace so that the room gets heated up. I prefer to work in colder temperatures, but it is inconsiderate to follow my needs, because then most of the office will sit with blankets wrapped around them.


I sat on a bench behind the lonely crow on the branch, watching it for a while. Wondering what it was thinking. Now and then, it turned its head, watching me before glancing over the lake again. It looked rather philosophical – almost lost in thoughts as it did so. Maybe it too was just enjoying the beautiful weather? The frost was in the air again, and I believe that the temperatures will drop below zero tonight. I cannot wait! I love waking up to frost.


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